Adding Value Through Excellence

From concept to production, Walters Houghton Ltd is dedicated to the uncompromising pursuit of excellence. Our aim is simply to exceed customer expectations and bring you cost-effective alternatives and innovative manufacturing solutions, providing a single source for design and consultation, planning, and manufacturing, with cutting-edge technology and efficient, flexible manufacturing processes.

With a huge range of colours and designs available, we can produce custom sachets for virtually any industry; cosmetics, medical, household products, singles or twin packs in a variety of sizes and fills, a few thousand or several million sachets… the list is virtually endless, but the power of your brand is maximised, whatever the product.

For many applications, sachets are the only realistic choice, providing attractive and safe packaging, with each individual sachet offering a fresh product every time.

Our high standard of customer care is built on a commitment to quality and reliability, with almost obsessive attention to detail. Our team of appropriately trained and highly motivated people ensures the highest quality is maintained at all times, with a unique blend of experience, expertise and enthusiasm.


Walters Houghton’s systems and procedures are audited by the notified body Lloyds.

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Walters Houghton ltd is very proud of its record with regard to outgoing product quality. All our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles and current legal and regulatory requirements.